How to Rent

Take it on RENT is a new concept initiated by SHOPVILA.IN which offers a unique concept with distinct inventory available for renting. Most of us need stuff for single use and are still forced to buy it. Shopvila gives a an option to  Take it on RENT. We understand your needs and hence we are offereing stuff for single use. Take it on RENT and return after use and pay the minimum cost for it.

Here we Explain you the Procedure of Buying Your Favorite Stuff on RENT.


How To Rent:

Follow the 3-Step quick and easy guide to RENT


Step 1: Make your selection (by choosing the Category "Take it on Rent" ) and choose the "Stuff" you would love to take on RENT. 

Step 2: Upon confirmation, make the payment through our secured payment gateway.

Step 3: You will Receive your order within 3-5 working days.

Step 4: After you have enjoyed the your product, returnit in exclusive packaging provided to the below address. Once the item is received and inspected, we will refund the cash back with-in 2 working days.